The designers and craftsmen at Windham are best known for their peerless approach to creating cast aluminum outdoor furniture. Owned and operated out of Plains, Georgia, the company places equal emphasis on luxury and comfort.

Cast Aluminum Experts

Established in 1997, Windham built its own foundry in 2000, and they are currently the only cast aluminum company that manufacturers 100% of their products in the U.S. Because all of their cast aluminum furniture is made in-house, Windham is able to exercise complete control over production, resulting in furniture that’s meticulously planned down to the smallest details.

Windham’s labor-intensive manufacturing method is truly a start-to-finish process that begins with raw materials and ends with the packaging of finished products. All of their furniture is fully welded, requiring the touch of skilled workers who have completely mastered their craft. After the furniture is assembled, it’s coated with chrome phosphate that provides reliable protection against saltwater and harsh weather conditions. Finally, trained artisans apply antique finishes to the furniture, giving the designs additional depth and individuality.

Luxury Cast Aluminum Furniture and Accessories

Windham’s catalogue of custom furniture includes everything from simpler dining styles that are perfectly welcoming without cushions to deep-seated, fully cushioned outdoor sectionals. Thanks to contoured seats and backs and generous sizing, this furniture isn’t just aesthetically pleasing—it’s exceptionally comfortable, too.

Aside from their growing selection of cast aluminum furniture collections, Windham also manufactures specialty products that are unique to the manufacturer. Perhaps most notably, their offerings include a wide range of ceramic cooker carts that offer an eye-catching yet functional alternative to traditional grills. Sure to stand out in any patio arrangement, these products only supply further evidence of Windham’s ingenuity and commitment to carving out their own special niche in the outdoor furniture industry.