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    • Rustic look patio chair designed to promote deep seat comfort and all-day relaxation
    • Captures an appeal best described as woodsy yet high end
    • Includes full sized back and seat cushions for enhanced comfort
    • Ideal for pairing with an ottoman as part of an outdoor lounge or living room set
    • Noted for its vine-like twisting strands on the back and arms of chair
    • Manufactured wicker is showcased in a round weave pattern
    • Utilizes durable aluminum frame to give wicker its form
    • Made from 100% high quality, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) that utilizes UV inhibitors to prevent color fading
    • Wicker will not rot, crack, or split unlike natural wicker: Ideal for all climates
    • Chair comes exclusively in a weathered dark brown finish for that aged appeal
    • Custom order cushions: available in a selection of outdoor grade fabric/pattern color options
    • Cushions are made in the USA
    • Acquired by Woodard in 2013; backed by 100 years of experience

    Product Dimensions

    OverallWeightSeat HeightArm Height
    32"W x 32.8"D x 33.5"H38 lbs.18.3"HN/A"H

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    About Woodard

    As a distinguished outdoor furniture manufacturer for more than a century and a half, Woodard has an extensive selection of aluminum, wrought iron and wicker products in traditional and modern styles. Known for offering superior furniture at a consumer-friendly price, the company utilizes hand crafted production methods while embracing inventive manufacturing technology. The result is furniture that honors Woodard's tradition of craftsmanship while raising the bar for outdoor performance. View all Woodard
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