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Industry Delays Effecting the Outdoor Furniture Industry

NOTE: If you have any questions about new or orders in process, please email service@usaoutdoorfurniture.com. Currently, we are working remotely with limited phone hours. All emails will be answered within 24 hours during business days.

The outdoor furniture industry is experiencing high demand and struggling to get orders out in a timely manner due to a variety of production and supply chain issues. Most of our products are custom made in real time assembly lines and have been effected establishing a steady product flow due to shortages of raw materials; including metal components and fabrics.

All of our factories are working extra hours to try to deal with the added demand, however they are also facing labor shortages. Our manufacturers are trying to hire new employees, but are have issues acquiring employees despite offering higher pay. The production areas that are struggling the most are skilled laborers from welders to seamstresses to cut and sewn the cushions/slings.

All of our manufacturers are still taking new orders and we will process all orders in 24 hours. Orders will be filled in the order they are received.

Main Issues Causing Delays:

  • Supply Chain Issues - Many of our manufacturers are having stuggles sourcing raw materials and receiving partial shipments of orders. This is effecting production lines and product flow through assembly lines.
  • Sunbrella Fabric Delays - Sunbrella has been unable to keep up with demand and effecting the construction of cushion and sling products. Our manufacturers are ordering large quantities of fabric to fill orders, but Sunbrella has been unable to provide the materials. The factories are recieving fabric, however it is not for the quantity that was ordered to fill orders in a timly manner. This has caused issues with accurate ship dates - the factories are anticipating a certain quantity, but only receiving partial shipsments of fabric causing further delays and disruptions.
  • Covid/Pandemic Delays - Many factories are struggling to keep up with demand due to limitations placed in the workplace and employee safety.
  • Labor Shortages: