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Rising in popularity, the patio chat (conversation) set is becoming a staple of outdoor living spaces and no chat set could be complete without a conversation table. Like a patio coffee table, conversation tables are designed to be a centerpiece to your outdoor arrangement, but the conversation table stands taller than a coffee table and can sometimes double as a dining table when paired with lower to the ground dining chairs or cushioned lounge chairs. Conversation tables are generally round shape as to accommodate the most number of people possible, but can also be found in square shaped as well. The outdoor fire pit table is also most often associated with conversation tables as they are of the same height and shape, with the only difference being the warm ambiance and fireside appeal they provide.

Conversation tables are best suited for the mid to large size patio space as the smallest table is typically 42 inches (round or square) which is a patio standard size that accommodates about 4 people. All conversation tables are made to order based on manufacturer finish and table top options and can be found in a variety of materials; wicker, aluminum, and eco-friendly plastic to name a few. These conversation tables are offered with free shipping and include both top and base (usually as a single unit.)