Lloyd Flanders Summit 46" Square Dining Table

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    Frame Color:
    • Ebony - 013A
    • French Beige - 007A
    • Hickory - 080A
    • Ivory - 046A
    • Linen - 002A
    • Matte White - 004A
    • Metallic Gold - 082A
    • Metallic Silver - 081A
    • Peacock - 044A
    • Platinum - 014A
    • Seaglass - 028A
    • Stillwater - 015A
    • Terracotta - 006A
    • White - 001A
    • Woodland - 025A

    Table Top:
    • Charcoal Glass Top
    • Taupe Glass Top

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    Dine in style with the Lloyd Flanders Summit 46" Square Dining Table! Proudly made in the USA by renowned brand Lloyd Flanders, this table features a sturdy powder coated aluminum frame for durability and longevity. It is designed with a convenient set-in glass top that provides a sleek and modern look to elevate any outdoor dining space. With reversible Taupe and Charcoal color options, you have the freedom to choose the perfect style to match your outdoor decor. Compact yet functional, this table's 46" square size offers ample space for intimate gatherings or cozy family meals. Upgrade your outdoor dining experience with the Lloyd Flanders Summit 46" Square Dining Table today!

    Elevate your outdoor dining experience with the Lloyd Flanders Summit 46" Square Dining Table. Crafted by Lloyd Flanders, a trusted brand specializing in creating high-quality outdoor furniture, this dining table offers both style and functionality. The strong and durable powder coated aluminum frame ensures long-lasting stability and support. The set-in glass top adds an elegant touch and enhances the table's visual appeal. With reversible Taupe and Charcoal color options, you can easily customize the table to suit your preferred aesthetic. Perfect for hosting intimate gatherings or enjoying alfresco family meals, the 46" square size provides ample space. Bring sophistication and versatility to your outdoor space with the Lloyd Flanders Summit 46" Square Dining Table.

    • Brand: Lloyd Flanders
    • SKU: 74043
    • Aluminum frame
    • American made

    Benefit 1: Sturdy Powder Coated Aluminum Frame

    The Lloyd Flanders Summit 46" Square Dining Table is built with a sturdy powder coated aluminum frame. This material provides exceptional durability and longevity, ensuring that the table will withstand various weather conditions, including rain, sun, and wind. The powder coated finish adds an extra layer of protection to prevent rusting and corrosion, making this table ideal for outdoor use. With its robust construction, you can enjoy years of reliable service without worrying about structural damage.

    Benefit 2: Convenient Set-In Glass Top

    This dining table features a convenient set-in glass top that adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor dining space. The glass surface is easy to clean and maintain, allowing you to effortlessly wipe away spills and debris. Additionally, the glass top provides a smooth and even surface for placing plates, cups, and utensils, ensuring a stable and practical dining experience. With its modern and sleek design, the set-in glass top enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the table and gives it a contemporary look.

    Benefit 3: Reversible Taupe and Charcoal Color Options

    The Lloyd Flanders Summit 46" Square Dining Table offers reversible Taupe and Charcoal color options. This feature allows you to customize the table to match your outdoor decor and personal style preferences. With Taupe, you can create a warm and inviting ambiance, while Charcoal provides a chic and sophisticated look. By offering versatile color choices, this table adapts well to a range of design themes and ensures compatibility with various outdoor settings. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern aesthetic, you can effortlessly achieve the desired look with these reversible color options.

    Benefit 4: Ample Space for Intimate Gatherings

    The 46" square size of the Lloyd Flanders Summit Dining Table provides ample space for hosting intimate outdoor gatherings or enjoying cozy family meals. This generous tabletop area can comfortably accommodate multiple place settings, allowing you to entertain guests or have quality family time. The square shape of the table creates a well-balanced and sociable atmosphere, making it easy to engage in conversations across the table. Whether it's a small gathering or a casual family dinner, this table offers a comfortable and inviting space for all to enjoy.

    46"L x 46"W x 29.5"H55.01 lbs.
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