OW Lee Furniture

Here to help you coordinate OW Lee's fabrics, trims, frame colors, and more, this design center focuses on creating the right look and vibe that best fits your personal style and vision of what your ideal outdoor living space will look like. We've combined each of OW Lee's fabric groups with their expertly coordinated trim, cord, and fire pit media options (if available), as well as recommended solid trim/cord for those groupings without. The Design center also features some frame finish ideas that we believe fit best with each fabric group, and we round it off with looking at OW Lee's popular porcelain tile top tables, offering up a few options that are best suited to create a completely unified patio arrangement.

A full listing of all cushion fabrics available with OW Lee sets/individual products can be found on each product page, if you're looking for other colors/patterns to inspire you. Additionally certain fabric groups have had a specially designed emblem pillow created with matching fabric and image that reflects the collection's name and/or look. A perfect way to accessorize your existing outdoor set.

Santa Fe

Capturing a southwest/desert inspired feel, OW Lee’s Santa Fe fabric group is seen here expertly coordinated with specially designed fringe and cord that highlights the combination of brown tones and blues. Santa Fe blends both warmer and cooler colors and also features fire glass also created specifically to compliment it and, while not pictured, OW Lee has also created new emblem pillows one of which is ideal for use with Santa Fe; showcasing an animal skull often associated with desert life. Santa Fe will work with a variety of frame finishes and porcelain tile top options as well, but pictured here are those we feel work best with the fabric grouping.


Comprised of warm, natural tones with a touch of vibrancy, the Santiago fabric group livens up any patio space and features expertly coordinated (EC) blended cords and fringes designed specifically for the grouping. Like Santa Fe, Santiago also takes inspiration from the southwest and features an emblem pillow with matching fabric that depicts a flowering desert bush image. The Santiago fabric grouping works best with darker frame finishes and with multi-brown tone porcelain table tops.


Inspired by Indonesian style, OW Lee’s Jakarta fabric group focuses on natural tones that allow the blues and greens to subtly pop for added appeal, and features a blend of solid and pattern fabrics. Like many of OW Lee’s fabric collections, Jakarta also features the company’s EC (expertly coordinated) cords and fringes, with a set designed to work best with the overall Jakarta color scheme. For other coordinating options when it comes to frame, table tops, and fire media, lighter colors are most ideal, but Jakarta is a mid-ranged grouping that can work well with some darker color combinations as well.


One of two groupings ideal for creating an ocean/beachside-inspired vibe to your outdoor living space, OW Lee’s Corsica fabric group utilizes blues and browns throughout and the company has created a pillow with coordinating fabric and fish emblem for ideal use with the pictured fabrics. Corsica’s EC cord and fringe also utilize a blend of browns and blue, while the expertly coordinated fire media kit features topaz and tangerine gems (along with sapphire) to add a little more warmth and pop. Corsica works well with darker frame finishes (though white is also an option) and the new Venice Beach reclaimed porcelain tile is a best bet (with options like Metallic brown or Azul slate also a good choice.)


Aptly named after a large port city in France, the Marseille fabric grouping showcases colors popular in the nautical world, with emblem pillow (complete with sail boat image) to match. Marseille does not feature an EC cord or fringe for matching, but the solid navy fringe is a great choice for use with cushions and/or pillows, the brass cord option will complement the range of colors utilized, and with fire media designed to match you’ll get beautiful colored gems in blue, red, and white. A Lighter colored finish and/or table top option will really solidify the nautical theme when it comes to this fabric collection.


Adding rich, colorful appeal to your outdoor furniture, the Cordoba fabric group best captures a Spanish vibe, making it ideal for use with seating collections like San Cristobal. The Garden Trove Russet fabric is a highlight of this grouping with its ornate pattern and complimenting light and dark tones, and each fabric pairs well with darker frame finishes (especially browns.) Cordoba features EC cord and fringe as well as specially designed fire media kit that accents the warmth and vibrancy of the outdoor fire with its , blend of ruby, kona, and topaz fire gems. OW Lee has also designed a pillow with matching fabric and intricate cross emblem that is ideal for pairing with the Cordoba grouping (also available for sale.)


Showcasing an array of colors that would be seen on a trip westward, Sedona is one of OW Lee’s warmer fabric groupings with its combination of oranges and reds that inspire both the feeling of summer and autumn. Sedona has a blend of beautiful desert appeal and touch of Spanish vibrancy, and features cord and fringe trim that has been expertly coordinated to complement the included fabrics. OW Lee has also created a fire media kit that is designed for the Sedona grouping which sees a mix of ruby, topaz, and tangerine fire gems that will add dazzling appeal to your outdoor fire. Sedona fabrics pair well with OW Lee’s brown frame finishes and are ideal with the Calico porcelain tile top.


There is a certain rustic quality to the Venezia fabric group from OW Lee that arguably reflects its Italian namesake, yet with its hues of golden brown and reds, there is a sense of regality and elegance to this grouping as well. The made to match emblem pillow accents this fact, while expertly coordinated cord and fringe compliment the fabrics perfectly for a unified look across the board. Going with darker frame finish option(s) is going to be best for Venezia, allowing the lighter colors to stand out, and most of OW Lee’s porcelain tile tops will work well with this grouping, though we suggest Rustic Slate.


The Durango fabric group is a great choice for those looking for style that blends more with your natural outdoor surroundings; focusing on subtle oranges mixed in with predominant browns. Bold, rugged, yet with a touch of elegance from some of its patterned fabrics, Durango also features expertly coordinated (EC) blended fringe and cord for accenting your pillows/cushions and OW Lee’s new emblem pillows collection features a square throw pillow designed specifically to work with this grouping. Want your fire pit table to match your fabrics, the Durango mix fire pit media kit features complimenting gem colors that will pair well with the fabrics and porcelain tile tops such as Calico, or Rustic Slate. For finish options, Durango lends itself to all OW Lee’s finishes, but darker colors (textured black for example) seem to work best.


Natural, rich brown tones make up the Bozeman fabric grouping from OW Lee, which is aptly named as it reflects the splendor of the mountain surrounded city of Bozeman, Montana. This grouping is great for creating an inviting arrangement of furniture that stands out but does not overwhelm your outdoor surroundings, and both expertly coordinated (EC) fringe and cord have been created for this grouping for added complimenting accents as well as fire media gems (3 bags total- 1 kona, 2 topaz.) This grouping lends itself well to all OW Lee frame finishes (other than silver) and works best with the Gobi or Calico porcelain tile tops.


Focusing on more pattern-based fabrics, the Charleston fabric group brings that parlor room style to your outdoor living space. Consisting of mainly browns and other more natural colors, Charleston is best paired with OW Lee’s Cocoa solid cord and bay brown solid fringe, as there is not currently an EC (expertly coordinated) option for this grouping. Darker frame finishes work the best with this group, especially textured black and graphite, and the specifically designed Charleston Fire Media kit puts Kona and Topaz colored fire gems together to offer a complimenting appeal with just a slight contrast. The subtle range of colors in the Charleston fabric group allows for its to work well with all of OW Lee’s porcelain tile tops, though we like how it looks best with Emperadora or Atlantic City.

Palm Springs

Helping to transform your backyard into a private Californian beach bungalow, the Palm Springs fabric group from OW Lee uses light colors for that fresh, easy breezy vibe with brown tones that invoke images of sandy shores and beach side boardwalks. We’ve paired the fabrics with heather beige cord and brass fringe to complement the colors, and the Topaz tumbled fire glass adds a little pop should you decide to add an outdoor fire pit to your patio space. For frame finishes, we went darker, while still keeping it somewhat light so choices like sable, dark bronze, and graphite are our best bet fits. The Palm Springs fabric group matches just about any of OW Lee’s porcelain tile table tops, but we especially like the contrast of Azul Slate, though for a more unified look, Mohave is ideal.

St. Moritz

Sharing the same name as a high-end Ski resort town in Switzerland, the St. Moritz fabric group by OW Lee utilizes brown hues with a hint of red, that can be aesthetically contrasted with the solid henna cord or more complimented with the likes of brass solid fringe (as no EC options are currently available for this grouping.) This rich blend of fabric options is sure to add that natural appeal to any outdoor living space with a touch of its own sense of elegance and luxury. This fabric group pairs well with dark frame finishes and all of the porcelain top options, though is ideal for use with Rustic Slate, Metallic Brown, and the new Venice Beach reclaimed porcelain tile top.


The Helsinki fabric group by OW Lee gives off a clean, airy appeal with its lighter browns and subtle use of blue-green color reflective of the coastal waters that the city of Helsinki sits upon. While not featuring an expertly coordinated fringe, the Helsinki fabric group does include an EC cord for use with pillows/cushions and in turn the Cocoa fringe also works well for adding a little more textured appeal. We’ve paired the fabric group with the crystal clear fire gems for when utilizing a fire pit table, and OW Lee’s darker frame finishes work best with this grouping, although we do like the sleek light appeal of the alpine silver option. For matching fabric to tables, your best bet is to go with lighter porcelain tile options such as the Myrtle beach reclaimed tile series or Sahara (Gobi is also a promising option.)

St. Croix

Reflecting the tropical island feel from which this fabric group gets its name, St. Croix by OW Lee combines blues and greens with a natural off white/sandy color that instills in you a sense of carefree living and peaceful relaxation. This grouping features an expertly coordinated cord for use on pillows/cushions and we’ve offered up the solid navy and brass fringe for a beautiful contrasting look, and OW Lee has designed a pillow ideal for this group; complete with matching fabric and a branching tree emblem. The St. Croix Fabric group works well with lighter frame finishes, and for your tables/fire pit we suggest Sahara or Azul slate porcelain tile top with ice colored tumbled fire pit glass.


Easily OW Lee’s most vibrant fabric group, Miami brings the heat with its warm oranges and captures that South Beach lifestyle to your own backyard. Currently there is no EC (expertly coordinated) fringe or cord designed for this grouping, but we’re fond of the use of solid nutmeg for either as it plays well off the lighter oranges found in the fabric. The Miami mix for your fire pit media combines tangerine and ice gems that will brings more appeal to your fire, and when it comes to porcelain tops, we’ve shown that Miami can work with light or dark as well as mid-range porcelain colors. The same can be said about chosen frame finishes, as pictured, and we particularly Miami fabric paired with Oxford White or Copper Canyon finish.