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OW Lee Monterra Curved Ottoman

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    Frame Color: View Swatches
    • Copper Creek - SP50
    • Espresso - SP42
    • Graphite - SP21
    • Rosewood - SP11
    • Sable - SP22
    • Carbon Black - TG68
    • Velvet White - VT25
    • Shadow Grey - TG56

    Cushion Fabric: View Swatches
    • Abra Denim - GS89
    • Abra River - GS51
    • Adena Shale - GS05
    • Alcazar Redwood - GL32
    • Arena Indigo - DS01
    • Arrow Ink - OD34
    • Asana Slate - GS47
    • Avila Granite - OD84
    • Belgian Linen Sand - GL90
    • Carlsbad Classic - DS02
    • Carlsbad Indigo - DS03
    • Carlsbad Polo - DS04
    • Carlsbad Smoke - DS05
    • Cast Lagoon - GS74
    • Castillo Putty - GS37
    • Chase Denim - GS29
    • Chase Dune - GS25
    • Code Trending Taupe - GS39
    • Confections Aqua - OD70
    • Crush Cloud - GS71
    • Cue Lagoon - GS66
    • Cue Midnight - GS48
    • Diamond River Fawn - PD22
    • Diamond River Tonal Midnight - PD04
    • Empress Copen - OD53
    • Engage Henna - GS50
    • Envision Teak - GL79
    • Ethos Ivory - GS28
    • Flagship Pewter - GS06
    • Flagship Silver - GS33
    • Flagship Stone - GR35
    • Fortune Char - GS40
    • Frasure Clockwork - PD29
    • Frasure Sand - PD06
    • Garden Trove Chestnut - GL01
    • Garden Trove Russet - GR92
    • Grand Canyon Sunset - PD09
    • Harding Denim - PD18
    • Harris Stone - GS72
    • Huntington Mist - GS67
    • Jinga Sienna - OD64
    • Kasos Sunbaked - DS07
    • Kira Midnight - GS80
    • Kira Mist - GS65
    • Kira Sand - GS57
    • Kiva Steps Classics - PD02
    • Knitwit Sand - GS44
    • Lacework Stone - GS16
    • Madina Aegean - DS09
    • Madina Carob - DS10
    • Matrix Sand - GS23
    • Melaka Coastline - DS12
    • Melaka Moss - DS14
    • Melaka Night - DS15
    • Melaka Woodland - DS16
    • Memo Barley - OD78
    • Memo Charcoal - OD82
    • Memo Flax - OD58
    • Metz Denim - DS17
    • Metz Dove - DS18
    • Metz Indigo - DS19
    • Metz Lake - DS20
    • Metz Mist - DS21
    • Metz Pebble - DS22
    • Metz Spruce - DS23
    • Mill Cloth Gravel - PD14
    • Mill Cloth Indigo - PD05
    • Mill Cloth Midnight - PD24
    • Mill Cloth Oxblood - PD10
    • Mill Cloth Stone - PD11
    • Momentum Baltic - OD51
    • Momentum Rustic - OD74
    • Nirvana Antique - OD18
    • Nova Front Denim - PD12
    • Oak Rib - GR01
    • Ombre Cobalt - OD92
    • Painterly View - SU45
    • Paravel Grey - GS19
    • Platform Fawn - GS56
    • Posh Ash - GS36
    • Posh Graphite - GR60
    • Reflections Whiskey - OD15
    • Remy Sand - OD45
    • Richmond - GX38
    • Rumor Chablis - OD65
    • Rumor Midnight - OD24
    • Sabah Classic - DS24
    • Sabah Indigo - DS25
    • Sahara Cafe - GS38
    • Sahara Carbon - GS52
    • Sahara Denim  - GS85
    • Sahara Hemp - GS62
    • Sailcloth Sailor - DS26
    • Sailcloth Salt - DS27
    • Sailcloth Seagull - DS28
    • Sailcloth Shadow - GS54
    • Sash Denim - GS46
    • Saw Tooth Midnight - PD26
    • Sensory Granite - GR29
    • Sequoia - GR13
    • Sequoia Coal - OD11
    • Sesame Linen - LL16
    • Sideline Mist - GS63
    • Sparkle Granite - OD95
    • Sparkle Navy Blue - OD28
    • Spumoni Crystal - OD04
    • Sterling Alpaca - GS49
    • Sterling Gravel - GS69
    • Sterling Ink - GS76
    • Stitches Slate - GR30
    • Surpass Lagoon - GS73
    • Surpass Stone - GS27
    • Tabloid Indigo - DS29
    • Tabloid Jungle - DS30
    • Tabloid Spruce - DS31
    • Tobago Putty - OD81
    • Tovo Lagoon - GS43
    • Trax Azure - GL60
    • Trax Merlot - GR77
    • Trax Teak - GR23
    • Tucson Agate - PD30
    • Tucson Hawk - PD27
    • Tumbes Azure - DS32
    • Tumbes Juniper - DS33
    • Verona Denim - GS78
    • Verona Mist - GS13
    • Vevi Denim - DS35
    • Vevi Sedona - DS37
    • Yakima Park Mineral - PD25
    • Zig Zag Iron - PD21

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    OW Lee Sale

    Complete your patio paradise with the OW Lee Monterra Curved Ottoman. Designed by the renowned brand OW Lee, this ottoman features a traditional style, making it a timeless addition to any outdoor space. Crafted from durable wrought iron, it is built to last for years to come. With its curved design and hand-hammered rivets, this ottoman not only provides relaxation but also adds an elegant touch to your outdoor decor. The Monterra collection offers a wide range of seating options including dining, deep seating, and sectional pieces, allowing you to create a cohesive and comfortable outdoor living area. The ottoman comes with plush comfort cushions which can be customized to your liking with a choice of outdoor fabrics.

    Whether you're looking to relax in comfort or add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space, the OW Lee Monterra Curved Ottoman is a perfect choice. Featuring a unique curved design that embraces you with its back and arm cushions, this ottoman delivers an indoor feel for ultimate relaxation. Built with attention to detail, it is adorned with hand-hammered rivets that bring a casual yet sophisticated touch. Made from durable wrought iron, this ottoman is sure to withstand the test of time and provide you with moments of leisure year after year. Enhance your outdoor living experience with the OW Lee Monterra Curved Ottoman and enjoy the perfect balance of comfort and style.

    • Brand: OW Lee
    • SKU: 487-O
    • Material: Wrought Iron
    • Custom order frame and fabric options.

    Quality Construction

    The OW Lee Monterra Curved Ottoman is constructed from durable wrought iron, ensuring it is built to last for years to come. This sturdy material is resistant to rust and corrosion, making it ideal for outdoor use. The ottoman is expertly crafted with attention to detail, including hand-hammered rivets that add a touch of elegance.

    Luxurious Comfort

    Designed for ultimate relaxation, this ottoman features plush comfort cushions that provide superior comfort. The unique curved design embraces you with its back and arm cushions, delivering an indoor feel even in your outdoor space. Whether you want to kick up your feet after a long day or simply want to lounge and enjoy the fresh air, the Monterra ottoman ensures maximum comfort.

    Versatile Style

    The Monterra collection offers a wide range of seating options, allowing you to create a cohesive and comfortable outdoor living area. Whether you choose dining chairs, deep seating pieces, or sectional sofas, this ottoman serves as a versatile piece that complements any outdoor decor style. Its traditional design and elegant curves make it a timeless addition to any patio or garden.

    Customizable Options

    The Monterra ottoman comes with a choice of outdoor fabrics for its plush comfort cushions, allowing you to customize the look to fit your style and preferences. With a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, you can easily coordinate the ottoman with the rest of your outdoor furniture or create a bold statement piece.

    Durable and Weather-Resistant

    Constructed from sturdy wrought iron, this ottoman is built to withstand the elements and resist fading or deteriorating due to prolonged sun exposure or other harsh weather conditions. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your outdoor furniture will be able to withstand rugged use and maintain its beauty for years to come.

    Elegant Addition to Outdoor Decor

    The hand-hammered rivets adorning the Monterra ottoman bring a unique and sophisticated touch to your outdoor space. These small decorative embellishments elevate the overall design of the ottoman, adding elegance and charm to any patio or garden. With its timeless appeal, this ottoman seamlessly integrates into your existing outdoor decor.

    OverallWeightSeat HeightArm Height
    62.75"W x 28.5"D x 18.5"H56 lbs.N/A"HN/A"H
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    Manufacturer of the Year - Best patio furniture
    MANUFACTURER OF THE YEAR in 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2010
    For more than six decades, OW Lee has consistently designed and handcrafted some of the most luxurious wrought iron and aluminum outdoor furniture available on the market. Their commitment to quality and aesthetics has earned them a loyal customer base, as well as the respect of their peers. A repeat winner of the casual furniture industry’s Manufacturer of the Year Award, OW Lee constructs exceptional patio seating and tables that raise the bar when it comes to outdoor style and performance. View all OW Lee
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