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Homecrest Grace Air Sofa - 10AR430
Homecrest Grace Air Sofa

Price: $4,165.00

OW Lee Palisades Sofa - 4695-3S
OW Lee Palisades Sofa

Price: $3,547.05

OW Lee Madison Sofa - 2275-3S
OW Lee Madison Sofa

Price: $3,398.30

OW Lee Luna Sofa - 32125-3S
OW Lee Luna Sofa

Price: $3,139.90

OW Lee Sol Sofa - 48115-3S
OW Lee Sol Sofa

Price: $3,138.20

OW Lee San Cristobal Sofa - 695-3S
OW Lee San Cristobal Sofa

Price: $3,121.20

OW Lee Sofa - 73125-3S
OW Lee Ridgewood Sofa

Price: $3,108.45

OW Lee Aris Sofa - 27175-3S
OW Lee Aris Sofa

Price: $3,090.60

OW Lee Sofa - 49165-3S
OW Lee Pacifica Sofa

Price: $3,035.35

Gios Sofa - 4535-3S
OW Lee Gios Sofa

Price: $2,885.75

Mallin Turin Cushion Sofa - TX-881
Mallin Turin Cushion Sofa

Price: $2,736.50

Woodard Spartan Sofa - 390420
Woodard Spartan Sofa

Price: $2,610.40

Woodard Nova Sofa - 1V0420
Woodard Nova Sofa

Price: $2,516.80

Woodard Cooper Wicker Sofa - S640031
Woodard Cooper Wicker Sofa

Price: $2,453.75

Woodard Aruba Sofa - S530031
Woodard Aruba Wicker Sofa

Price: $2,453.10

Arm Sofas

Extend the comfort of your living room outdoors with arm sofas. The perfect choice for parties or relaxing afternoons, sofas provide unmatched comfort for three with luxurious cushions. There is sure to be something for everyone with numerous traditional, modern, and transitional style options. Each sofa ships free in your choice of cushion fabric and frame finish.