What is Marine Grade Polymer?

Telescope Casual

Marine Grade Polymer (MPG) is an innovative, extremely durable frame option made to stand the test of time. Originally engineered by the Marine industry, this nonporous material is a perfect fit for salt water climates that typically corrode and weaken metal furnishings through years of exposure. Additionally, furniture crafted from this strong, heavy material resists winds that routinely move and damage lighter furniture. Telescope Casual only uses 100% Genuine Marine Grade Polymer to ensure that their furniture meets quality standards and environmental requirements.

Form Meets Function

Telescope Casual began using MGP in 2012, and through its adaptability and efficiency, the material has generated a 20% growth in the company’s catalogue. The sheet material easily conforms to curves and angles, and is an ideal match for Telescope Casual’s computer-aided designs, which ensure consistent quality and clean lines.

MGP is equally suited to traditional styles such as the St. Catherine and Leeward sets and modern designs such as the Bazza, Dune, and Lima sets. Though it’s frequently worked into designs featuring aluminum, slings, and cushions, it’s also a highly functional standalone material. After introducing the collection in subtle earth tones, Telescope Casual added bright, contemporary color options in 2016.


MGP is especially resistant to the types of ordinary wear and tear that tend to damage outdoor furniture made from other materials.

  • Will not crack, rot or separate in any outdoor environment.
  • Has zero porosity and will not absorb water.
  • Color pigment
  • Presents no fire hazard. Must be preheated before ignition occurs.
  • Resistant to most chemicals.
  • Telescope Casual’s MGP collection uses all stainless steel hardware.

Environmental Information

Aside from its efficiency as a design material and its impressive durability, MGP is also notable for its environmentally-friendly characteristics.

  • Contains 30% recycled resin.
  • No acids or harsh chemicals are necessary for cleaning or maintenance.
  • The raw materials, equipment and processes emit no harmful gases or byproducts into the atmosphere.
  • Material waste is recycled back into the original product.
  • Contains no known harmful substances such as carcinogens, toxins, or bioaccumulative materials.
  • If burned, no harmful gases are emitted.
  • Made from only FDA approved resins with the most favorable NFPA (fire) and HMIS (hazardous material) ratings.

Available MGP Colors
Kona - P10
Kona - P10
Classic Graphite - P30
Classic Graphite - P30
Beachwood - P40
Beachwood - P40
Snow - P50
Snow - P50
Desert - P60
Desert - P60
Black - P70
Black - P70
Atlantis - PA0
*Atlantis - PA0
Aqua - PQ0
*Aqua - PQ0
Emerald - PE0
*Emerald - PE0
Red - PR0
*Red - PR0
Mango - PM0
*Mango - PM0

*NOTE: The Atlantis, Aqua, Emerald, Red, and Mango colors are only available on the following collections: Adirondack MGP, Bazza, select MGP tables, Fire Tables, and Storage Boxes.