Featured Furniture: The Adirondack Chair

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Featured Furniture: The Adirondack Chair

New Styles from PolyWood and Telescope Casual

Arguably the most iconic chair when it comes to casual relaxation and under the sun beachside fun, The Adirondack Chair is recognized the world over and is more often than not the go to chair for those patio enthusiasts looking to inspire all day outdoor enjoyment.

So what makes this chair so popular? Well, it’s all in the design. The traditional Adirondack chair is all about comfort and a sound structure that forms more naturally to the actual body. Noted for a fixed, slightly angled back and contoured seat, the Adirondack Chair is made for lounging, and generally has a lower to the ground seat which has made it a staple for pool/beach side living. First made from wood such as Cedar or Cypress and constructed from 11 pieces of wood cut from a single plank, it’s no wonder that PolyWood, one of America’s top Eco-friendly casual furniture manufacturers, has taken the Adirondack chair and made it a prominent part of several of their plastic lumber collections.

Combining the classic Adirondack design with their eco-friendly lumber and bright summertime colors, PolyWood has taken the Adirondack chair to the next level, offering up a few variations to create new, stunning collections all of which are available for sale here at USA Outdoor Furniture. Chances are there hasn’t been a summer that’s gone by where you didn’t see one of these styles of Adirondack chairs and their popularity only continues to grow as more and more consumers are looking to showcase personal style while being environmentally conscious.

Classic Adirondack

PolyWood Classic Adirondack

As talked about, the basis for all of begins with the classic look. A tried and true design, classic Adirondack is noted for its spaced slat, slightly angled back and contoured seating.

Long Island Adirondack

PolyWood Long Island Adirondack

The Long Island features a closer together slat seat and back and has a design based off the original Northeast Adirondack, which was constructed to withstand the salty air and maintain durability in harsh environments while being able to offer comfort and support. The Long Island is relatively close to the original design of the Classic Adirondack.

PolyWood South Beach Adirondack

South Beach Adirondack

From the calm, rustic northeast to the hot and lively southeast, South Beach infuses the Classic Adirondack style with Miami Art Deco flair. The South Beach Adirondack is most noted for its more slightly curved back which, like the seat, contours to the shape of the body. This collection is also home to the Ultimate Adirondack which features a unique hideaway ottoman attached to the chair.

PolyWood Seashell Adirondack

Seashell Adirondack

From first glance at this style, you can see why it has been named the Seashell Adirondack. With a wide, fanned out back similar to that of a seashell found on the shores, this rising favorite offers a great deal of comfort through its oversized design.

Constructed from PolyWood’s HDPE plastic lumber and stainless steel hardware, these Adirondack Chairs will liven up any home with that carefree oceanside vibe, and with a variety of both traditional and vibrant colors available you can create an outdoor living space that reflects your personal style. However, when it comes to Adirondacks, PolyWood isn't the only manufacturer making advances--Telescope Casual has also recently introduced their own take on the classic chair.

Telescope Casual Adirondacks

Telescope Casual Adirondacks

Putting their own signature on the Adirondack style, Telescope Casual now offers chairs and accessories which make use of Marine Grade Polymer, a material that's exceptionally tough, eco-friendly and completely water-resistant. Telescope Casual's Adirondack's can also be ordered with comfortable, low-maintenance sling fabrics.

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