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A cornerstone of human existence, fire has been an integral part in all aspects of life; from a necessity for survival to offering warm comfort and a pleasing ambiance for people to enjoy while spending time outdoors. As our need for fire has evolved into a want as well, so has the outdoor fire pit evolved over time; allowing consumers to transform their patio space into an extension of the interior home. New developments in fire pits, and specifically fire pit tables, promote the same feeling of togetherness we get from spending time around a fire while eliminating the hassle of smoke and ash blowing in our face. This comfort factor coupled with new high end designs and styles are the leading reasons why Americans have purchased fire pit tables more frequently over the past few years and, as a result, 2014 is looking to be THE top year for fire pits. 

But why? Well, without going with the obvious play on words (fire pits are hot,) the recovering economy is a large factor in why Fire pit tables will be trending during the 2014 patio season. Made in the USA Manufacturers such as OW Lee and Homecrest have always offered up luxury fire pit options; with OW Lee dedicating an entire section of their catalog to them, however, the word luxury often comes with a higher price tag... and rightfully so. With these fire pit tables you are not just buying a new piece of furniture but you are investing in quality and style with added comfort and convenience. A few years ago, while still highly desired, fire pit tables were not exactly in the budget for most consumers, but as America's economy continues to grow more and more home owners are looking to change things up, expand, and showcase their personal style both indoors and out.

If you're looking to add a fire pit table to your patio, consider first your existing space. Will this fire pit be the central focus of your outdoor lounge or living room, i.e. you intend on buying furniture to go with your fire pit, or will you be looking to spice up your existing outdoor living space by integrating a fire pit table? In either scenario, fire pit tables that can be custom ordered are your best bet, and companies like OW Lee offer a wide variety of table top and base color options as well as different sizes. In addition to the fire pit table itself, optional fire pit media is a great way to add more personalized style to your outdoor arrangement with items such as ceramic logs creating a more traditional look, but the trend at current is the use of glass gems/beads to create a sleek contemporary look for today's outdoor living space. 

The USA Outdoor Outlook on this trend: Chat height fire pit tables continue to be the most popular choice for the patio space as their shorter height opens up the space above it so people can see one another, but as spring and summer approach, and more meals are shared outdoors, newly developed dining and counter height fire pit tables could fast become a favorite.
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