Seaside Casual Set of 2 Porch Rockers

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    Frame Color:
    • Black - 06
    • Charcoal - 07
    • Chestnut - 16
    • Gray - 05
    • Green - 04
    • Heathered Smoke - 71
    • Heathered Stone - 72
    • Heathered Teak - 70
    • Heathered Walnut - 74
    • Natural - 03
    • White - 02

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    Set Includes:
    • 2 - Seaside Casual Traditional Porch Rockers (034)
    • 1 - Seaside Casual Westerly End Table (026)

    Relax outdoors with the Seaside Casual Set of 2 Porch Rockers. Sure to impress, this set includes two Porch Rockers and a Westerly End Table. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, these porch rockers are made from HDPE - EnviroWood eco-friendly material that utilizes 100% High Density Polyethylene lumber sourced from recycled plastic bottles. This ensures a smooth, durable, and fade-resistant finish that not only looks great but also helps protect the environment. With a classic and timeless Traditional design, this set will instantly elevate the aesthetic of any porch or patio.

    • Brand: Seaside Casual
    • Material: HDPE - EnviroWood eco-friendly 100% High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) lumber sourced from recycled plastic bottles
    • Style: Traditional

    Benefit 1: Eco-Friendly Material

    The Seaside Casual Set of 2 Porch Rockers is crafted from HDPE - EnviroWood eco-friendly material. This material is made from 100% High Density Polyethylene lumber sourced from recycled plastic bottles. By utilizing recycled materials, this product helps reduce plastic waste and contributes to a more sustainable future. Choosing these porch rockers means making an environmentally conscious decision without compromising on quality or style.

    Benefit 2: Durable and Fade-Resistant Finish

    The use of HDPE - EnviroWood material ensures that these porch rockers have a smooth, durable, and fade-resistant finish. This means that they can withstand regular outdoor use without losing their vibrant color or deteriorating in quality. Whether placed on a sunny porch or exposed to the elements by the poolside, these rockers will retain their beauty and structural integrity for years to come, requiring minimal maintenance and ensuring long-lasting satisfaction.

    Benefit 3: Classic and Timeless Design

    The Seaside Casual Set of 2 Porch Rockers features a classic and timeless Traditional design. This design seamlessly blends with various porch or patio aesthetics, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outdoor space. The clean lines and graceful curves of these rockers evoke a sense of nostalgia and allow them to effortlessly integrate with existing furniture and decor. Enjoy the timeless beauty of these porch rockers as you relax and unwind in style.

    Benefit 4: Built for Comfort and Relaxation

    Comfort and relaxation are paramount when it comes to outdoor furniture, and the Seaside Casual Set of 2 Porch Rockers delivers on both fronts. Designed with ergonomic contours and a sturdy frame, these rockers provide excellent lumbar support and promote proper posture for a truly comfortable seating experience. Sit back, sip your favorite beverage, and let the gentle rocking motion transport you into a state of tranquility.

    Benefit 5: High-Quality from a Reputable Brand

    Seaside Casual is a reputable brand known for its high-quality outdoor furniture. With this set of porch rockers, you can have confidence in the craftsmanship and overall excellence of the product. These rockers are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and to provide years of durability and enjoyment. By choosing a trusted brand, you are investing in a product that prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction.

    Rocker26.5"W x 33"D x 44"H39 lbs.
    Table24"W x 17"D x 21"H26 lbs.
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