Seaside Casual Set of 4 Kingston Chaise Lounge with Arms and Cushions

Price: $7,316.00

    Frame Color:
    • Black - 06
    • Charcoal - 07
    • Chestnut - 16
    • Gray - 05
    • Natural - 03
    • White - 02

    Cushion Fabric:
    • Berenson Tuxedo Sunbrella (8521)
    • Blend Indigo Sunbrella (16001-1)
    • Blend Linen Sunbrella (16001-14)
    • Bliss Dew Sunbrella (48135-14)
    • Brannon Redwood Sunbrella (5612)
    • Brannon Whisper Sunbrella (5621)
    • Bravada Limelite Sunbrella (5602)
    • Bravada Salsa Sunbrella (5601)
    • Burgundy Outdura (6436)
    • Canvas Sunbrella (5453)
    • Canvas Air Blue Sunbrella (5410)
    • Canvas Antique Beige Sunbrella (5422)
    • Canvas Aruba Sunbrella (5416)
    • Canvas Black Sunbrella (5408)
    • Canvas Brick Sunbrella (5409)
    • Canvas Buttercup Sunbrella (5438)
    • Canvas Capri Sunbrella (5426)
    • Canvas Charcoal Sunbrella (54048)
    • Canvas Cloud Sunbrella (57012)
    • Canvas Cyan Sunbrella (56105)
    • Canvas Fern Sunbrella (5487)
    • Canvas Flax Sunbrella (5492)
    • Canvas Ginkgo Sunbrella (54011)
    • Canvas Granite Sunbrella (5402)
    • Canvas Haze Sunbrella (14059)
    • Canvas Heather Beige Sunbrella (5476)
    • Canvas Jockey Red Sunbrella (5403)
    • Canvas Logo Red Sunbrella (5477)
    • Canvas Melon Sunbrella (5415)
    • Canvas Mineral Blue Sunbrella (5420)
    • Canvas Natural Sunbrella (5404)
    • Canvas Navy Sunbrella (5439)
    • Canvas Persimmon Sunbrella (57013)
    • Canvas Rust Sunbrella (54010)
    • Canvas Sapphire Blue Sunbrella (5452)
    • Canvas Spa Sunbrella (5413)
    • Canvas Taupe Sunbrella (5461)
    • Canvas Teak Sunbrella (5488)
    • Canvas Terracotta Sunbrella (5440)
    • Canvas Tuscan Sunbrella (5417)
    • Cast Breeze Sunbrella (48094)
    • Cast Horizon Sunbrella (48091)
    • Cast Ocean Sunbrella (48103)
    • Centered Onyx Sunbrella ( 56109-0001)
    • Ciao Denim Blue Tempotest (T615)
    • Citron Outdura (6420)
    • Classic Royal Outdura (6434)
    • Cultivate Stone Sunbrella (56107)
    • Debut Skipper Outdura (107D)
    • Dolce Mango Sunbrella (56000)
    • Dolce Oasis Sunbrella (56001)
    • Dupione Celeste Sunbrella (8067)
    • Dupione Deep Sea Sunbrella (8019)
    • Dupione Papaya Sunbrella (8053)
    • Echo Ash Sunbrella (57005)
    • Forest Green Outdura (6446)
    • Foster Metallic Sunbrella (56051)
    • Gateway Indigo Sunbrella (56102)
    • Gateway Mist Sunbrella (58039)
    • Gateway Tamale Sunbrella (14088-0)
    • Gavin Mist Sunbrella (56052)
    • Highlight Ivy Sunbrella (57016-1)
    • Highlight Linen Sunbrella (57016-2)
    • Highlight Splendor Sunbrella (57016-3)
    • Kona Outdura (6426)
    • Luna Admiral Outdura (5801)
    • Luna Carousel Outdura (5803)
    • Mason Forest Green Sunbrella (5630)
    • Midori Indigo Sunbrella (145256-0001)
    • Milano Char Sunbrella (56079)
    • Milano Cobalt Sunbrella (56080)
    • Neptune Outdura (6433)
    • Paprika Outdura (6429)
    • Petrol Outdura (6447)
    • Peyton Granite Sunbrella (56075)
    • Piccolo Baltic Tempotest (T5415)
    • Presidio Indigo Tempotest (T5414)
    • Royal Navy Outdura (6442)
    • Sailcloth Salt Sunbrella (32000-0018)
    • Sailcloth Seagull Sunbrella (32000-0023)
    • Shore Linen Sunbrella (56054)
    • Solana Seagull Sunbrella (32008)
    • Sparkle Dove Outdura (1730)
    • Sparkle Nautical Outdura (1723)
    • Sparkle Navy Outdura (1726)
    • Sparkle Peacock Outdura (1741)
    • Sparkle Pesto Outdura (1702)
    • Spectrum Carbon Sunbrella (48085)
    • Spectrum Dove Sunbrella (48032)
    • Spectrum Graphite Sunbrella (48030)
    • Spectrum Indigo Sunbrella (48080)
    • Spectrum Sand Sunbrella (48019)
    • Stanton Lagoon Sunbrella (58001)
    • Surround Dusk Sunbrella (40584-0001)
    • Surround Sunrise Sunbrella (40584-0002)
    • Tradewinds Nautical Outdura (3805)
    • Trusted Coast Sunbrella (40524-2)

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    Set Includes:
    • 4 - Seaside Casual Kingston Chaises With Arms and Cushions (038-047)

    Treat guests to unmatched comfort with the Set of 4 Kingston Chaise Lounge with Arms and Cushions from Seaside Casual. With its traditional design, this set of four chaise lounges is a perfect addition to any outdoor space. Made from eco-friendly HDPE material sourced from recycled plastic bottles, the lounges are not only durable but also fade-resistant. The smooth finish ensures a luxurious and inviting feel, allowing you to relax in ultimate comfort. Whether you're by the poolside or in your backyard, the Seaside Casual Kingston Chaise Lounge set is an ideal choice for enjoying your time outdoors.

    Featuring the renowned Seaside Casual brand, this chaise lounge set guarantees unbeatable quality and craftsmanship. The stylish design and versatile color options make it easy to customize your outdoor area to your liking. The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material sourced from recycled plastic bottles ensures not only sustainability but also a sturdy construction that can withstand all weather conditions with ease. Don't compromise on comfort or style when it comes to choosing outdoor furniture - the Seaside Casual Set of 4 Kingston Chaise Lounge with Arms and Cushions is the perfect solution for transforming your outdoor space into a relaxing oasis.

    • Brand: Seaside Casual
    • Material: HDPE - EnviroWood eco-friendly 100% High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) lumber sourced from recycled plastic bottles, it ensures a finish that's smooth, durable, and fade-resistant.
    • Style: Traditional

    Benefits of the Seaside Casual Set of 4 Kingston Chaise Lounge with Arms and Cushions

    Enhance your outdoor experience with these luxurious chaise lounge chairs, offering numerous benefits that will ensure ultimate comfort, durability, and style for years to come.

    1. Unmatched Comfort

    The ergonomic design of the Seaside Casual Kingston Chaise Lounge provides unbeatable comfort. The arms offer added support while lounging, allowing you to kick back and relax for hours without any discomfort or strain. The cushions are plush and padded, providing a soft and cozy feel whenever you use them. Whether you enjoy reading a book, soaking up the sun, or having a leisurely conversation, these lounge chairs will make every moment extra comfortable.

    2. Durable and Fade-Resistant

    Constructed from HDPE material sourced from recycled plastic bottles, these chaise lounges are exceptionally durable and resilient. Not only are they resistant to splintering, cracking, and warping, but they are also highly fade-resistant. The material undergoes a special treatment process that ensures its color stays vibrant and does not deteriorate, even when exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. This means that these lounge chairs will maintain their attractive appearance for years to come, allowing you to enjoy them without worrying about their longevity.

    3. Stylish and Customizable

    The Seaside Casual brand is renowned for its style and aesthetics, and the Kingston Chaise Lounge set is no exception. Featuring a traditional design, these lounges exude timeless elegance that will complement any outdoor space. They also come in a variety of color options, allowing you to customize and match them to your existing decor or personal taste effortlessly. With this level of versatility, you can create a cohesive and stylish outdoor area that reflects your personality and design preferences.

    4. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

    Choosing Seaside Casual not only provides you with high-quality furniture but also an environmentally conscious choice. The HDPE material used in these chaise lounges is sourced from recycled plastic bottles, reducing landfill waste and conserving natural resources. Moreover, by opting for the Seaside Casual Set of 4 Kingston Chaise Lounge, you actively participate in the sustainable reuse of materials, contributing to a greener future for our planet.

    5. Weather Resistant and Low Maintenance

    The HDPE lumber used in the construction of these chaise lounges is designed to withstand all weather conditions with ease. From intense sunlight and heat to heavy rain or snow, these lounges will maintain their structural integrity without any damage or decay. Additionally, maintaining this set is incredibly easy. You can simply wipe them down with a damp cloth, and occasional mild soap and water cleaning will keep them looking fresh and beautiful, requiring minimal effort on your part.

    Embrace the exceptional comfort, durability, style, and sustainability of the Seaside Casual Set of 4 Kingston Chaise Lounge with Arms and Cushions. Invest in furniture that guarantees long-lasting enjoyment and transforms your outdoor space into a peaceful retreat.

    Chaise25"W x 83"D x 33"H87 lbs.
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