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Woodard Canopi Duplici 6' Square Double Tier Umbrella with Pulley Lift

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MSRP: MSRP:$4,596.00
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    • Bright Aluminum
    • Black Aluminum

    Umbrella Fabric:
    • Alecia Lynn - 52D
    • Apex Multi - A55
    • Artsy Slate - 12R
    • Asgard Ash - 43K
    • Augustine Alloy - 35B
    • Augustine Gravel - 67E
    • Axis Smoke - 92M
    • Bevel White - 89C
    • Bikini Dew - 26N
    • Black X04 - 26B
    • Bliss Bark - 29U
    • Boro Walnut - 19U
    • Bracket Mist - 16U
    • Brannon Whisper - 05A
    • Canvas Bird
    • Canvas Chestnut - 06N
    • Canvas Heather Beige - 27Y
    • Canvas Navy - 08Y
    • Canvas Rust - 01N
    • Canvas Spa - 01Y
    • Canyon Bamboo - 468
    • Carefree Smoke - 16N
    • Cast Oasis - 14N
    • Castaway Java - 24N
    • Catamaran Olive - A85
    • Charleston Beach - 83U
    • Charm Glacier - 714
    • Charm Grey - 311
    • Chartres Flax - 95M
    • Chartres Malt - 73M
    • Cloud Beach - 08H
    • Cloud Mist - 09H
    • Cloud Oat - 07H
    • Concord Denim - 76A
    • Cornflower - 05X
    • Current Sisal - 45D
    • Dark Blue - 07B
    • Daytripper Stripe - 75L
    • Denver Scarlett - 44C
    • Dimone Sequoia - 72A
    • Dip Dye Indigo - 61A
    • Dupione Papaya - 30A
    • Dupione Papaya Rain - 30V
    • Dupione Sapphire - 88D
    • Echo Sangria - 32M
    • Elderberry - 25X
    • Electro Lagoon - 52M
    • Elevation Stone - 141
    • Fall Stripe - 13L
    • Fife Bark - 082
    • Firth Dijon - 44F
    • Firth Wheat - 34F
    • Flagship Pecan - 25C
    • Flip Flop Mimosa - 29N
    • Flip Flop Oyster - 37N
    • Grass - 19B
    • Hedge Flannel - 22M
    • Horizon - D05
    • Hula Olive - C05
    • Impact Honeydew - 80N
    • Impact Vapor Gray - 87N
    • Interlock Calypso - 93D
    • Jinga Granite - 53A
    • Kamali Limestone - 61B
    • Kieran Spice - 61S
    • Kozo Abalone - 83D
    • Kozo Jewel - 53B
    • Laurel Hunter - 67N
    • Linen Antique Beige - 40Y
    • Linen Sesame - 05Y
    • Linen Stone - 03Y
    • Loft White - 22N
    • Loyal Lake - 78Q
    • Martinique - 09B
    • Meadowood - 15E
    • Memo Hemp - 11N
    • Michelangelo Aqua - 08U
    • Michelangelo Toast - 27U
    • Milverton Coffee - 90C
    • Moka Mink - 23N
    • Nara Teal - 87C
    • Ocean Spray - 10X
    • Origin Brick - 68Y
    • Pashmina Cloud - 85N
    • Periscope Caviar - 62N
    • Pewter - 01B
    • Porcelain - 12B
    • Precise Sangria - 88A
    • Prescott Dove - 23M
    • Raffia Indigo - 79U
    • Rollo Latte - 71Q
    • Rumor Slate - 63N
    • Sahara Ivory - 15N
    • Sailcloth Sahara - 79Y
    • Sailcloth Salt - 89Y
    • Sailcloth Seagull - 91Y
    • Scoop Dove - 34N
    • Sempre Lime - 31F
    • Sempre Nickel - 41F
    • Sempre Tangerine - 21F
    • Shatter Blue - 33B
    • Sisal - 51D
    • Skipper Lollipop - 26C
    • Skipper Wicker - 74C
    • Solido - 325
    • Sonnet Gray - 91N
    • Soulmate Charcoal - 29A
    • Sparkle Mica - 31N
    • Sparkle Nautical - 41N
    • Spectrum Carbon - 52N
    • Spectrum Denim - 53N
    • Spectrum Dove - 50N
    • Spectrum Indigo - 51N
    • Sun Up Dolphin - 48N
    • Tradewinds Nautical - 39A
    • Trax Wren - 77C
    • Tussari Black - 18N
    • Vallejo - 36D
    • Valor Blush - 30N
    • Verona Mushroom - 35K
    • Vivaldi Basil - 47N
    • Watercolor Tweed Pearly - 279
    • Weathered Dew - 14U
    • Weathered Dove - 86U
    • Whisper Smoke - 71A
    • White - 60B
    • Windsor Stripe - 20L

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    Introducing the Canopi Duplici 6' Square Double Tier Umbrella with Pulley Lift by Woodard. This exclusive designer umbrella, created by Site Li, combines exceptional craftsmanship with the finest materials available. The proprietary high quality aluminum hub and carbon fiber ribs contribute to its lightweight design and optimal performance. Additionally, the Canopi Duplici collection features a double tier for an elegant touch. With easy-to-use pulley cord lift system and marine grade fabric, this umbrella ensures hassle-free operation and durability. Available with optional Canopi bases and a battery controlled rib light system, this umbrella is perfect for any outdoor space. Supported by a sturdy 1.5" pole, this Woodard umbrella is built to last.

    The Canopi Duplici 6' Square Double Tier Umbrella with Pulley Lift offers not only exceptional quality but stunning aesthetics as well. The Canopi collection is renowned for its sophisticated design, and this double tier umbrella adds a touch of luxury to any outdoor space. The umbrella's pulley cord lift system, made from marine grade fabric, makes opening and closing a breeze. Constructed with top-of-the-line UV rated outdoor fabrics, it offers durability and protection against harsh weather conditions. To enhance its versatility, optional accessories like Canopi bases and a rib light system are also available. With its standard 1.5" pole size and impeccable craftsmanship, this Woodard umbrella is the ultimate choice for both style and utility.

    • Brand: Woodard
    • SKU: 6WDTPPW
    • Collection: Canopi
    • Pole Size: Standard 1.5" Pole
    • Frame Colors: Available in Bright Aluminum pole and hub with grey ribs or Black aluminum pole with matte black hub & joint and black ribs.

    Lightweight and Optimal Performance

    The Canopi Duplici 6' Square Double Tier Umbrella with Pulley Lift is designed with a proprietary high-quality aluminum hub and carbon fiber ribs. This combination of materials not only contributes to its lightweight design but also ensures the umbrella's optimal performance. Made to withstand different weather conditions, this umbrella is both easy to handle and durable. Whether it's a breezy or sunny day, this umbrella provides the perfect shade without compromising on performance.

    Elegant Double Tier Design

    Part of the Canopi collection, this double tier umbrella stands out for its sophisticated design. The two tiers add an element of elegance, making it a stylish addition to any outdoor space. The sheer luxury of the double tier gives this umbrella a unique look that sets it apart from other standard umbrellas. With its attractive design, this umbrella provides not only protection from the sun's harsh rays but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of any area it is placed in.

    Easy-to-Use Pulley Cord Lift System

    The Canopi Duplici 6' Square Double Tier Umbrella utilizes a hassle-free pulley cord lift system. Opening and closing the umbrella is effortless, thanks to this user-friendly feature. The marine-grade fabric used for the cord ensures its durability, even with frequent use. Say goodbye to struggling with complicated mechanisms or difficult instructions - with this umbrella, you can effortlessly adjust your shade to suit your needs at any given time.

    Durable and Weather-Resistant Materials

    To ensure its long-lasting performance, the Canopi Duplici 6' Square Double Tier Umbrella is constructed with top-of-the-line UV-rated outdoor fabrics. This high-quality fabric is specifically designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and resist fading due to sunlight exposure. The umbrella's construction also includes a sturdy 1.5" pole, adding to its strength and durability. Rain or shine, this umbrella will provide reliable shade and protection, making it the ideal choice for any outdoor space.

    Versatile and Optional Accessories

    For added versatility, optional accessories such as Canopi bases and a rib light system are available for the Canopi Duplici umbrella. The Canopi bases ensure stability and can be customized with a variety of options to suit different aesthetic preferences and practical needs. The rib light system adds a unique and stylish touch, creating a warm ambiance for evening use. These optional accessories allow you to further personalize and enhance your outdoor space according to your specific needs and preferences.

    n/a"L x n/a"W x n/a"H40 lbs.
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