Woodard Canopi Duplici 6' Square Double Tier Umbrella with Sunbrella Marine Fabric

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    • Bright Aluminum
    • Black Aluminum

    Marine Fabric:
    • Aruba Sunbrella Marine - 4612
    • Basil Sunbrella Marine - 4688
    • Beige Sunbrella Marine - 4620
    • Burgundy Sunbrella Marine - 4631
    • Cadet Gray Sunbrella Marine - 4630
    • Capri Sunbrella Marine - 4675
    • Captain Navy Sunbrella Marine - 4646
    • Charcoal Gray Sunbrella Marine - 4644
    • Charcoal Tweed Sunbrella Marine - 4607
    • Cocoa Sunbrella Marine - 4676
    • Crest Ash Sunbrella Marine - 4662
    • Crest Birch Sunbrella Marine - 4660
    • Dubonnet Tweed Sunbrella Marine - 4606
    • Erin Green Sunbrella Marine - 4600
    • Fern Sunbrella Marine - 4671
    • Forest Green Sunbrella Marine - 4637
    • Heather Beige Sunbrella Marine - 4672
    • Hemlock Tweed Sunbrella Marine - 4605
    • Ivy Sunbrella Marine - 4632
    • Jet Black Sunbrella Marine - 4608
    • Jockey Red Sunbrella Marine - 4603
    • Linen Sunbrella Marine - 4633
    • Linen Tweed Sunbrella Marine - 4654
    • Logo Red Sunbrella Marine - 4666
    • Marine Blue Sunbrella Marine - 4678
    • Mediterranean Blue Sunbrella Marine - 4652
    • Mediterranean Tweed Sunbrella Marine - 4653
    • Mocha Tweed Sunbrella Marine - 4616
    • Natural Sunbrella Marine - 4604
    • Navy Sunbrella Marine - 4626
    • Ocean Blue Sunbrella Marine - 4679
    • Oyster Sunbrella Marine - 4642
    • Pacific Blue Sunbrella Marine - 4601
    • Parchment Sunbrella Marine - 4683
    • Royal Blue Tweed Sunbrella Marine - 4617
    • Sapphire Blue Sunbrella Marine - 4641
    • Sea Sunbrella Marine - 4664
    • Silica Charcoal Sunbrella Marine - 4897
    • Silica Dune Sunbrella Marine - 4859
    • Silica Gravel Sunbrella Marine - 4833
    • Silica Sesame Sunbrella Marine - 4860
    • Silica Silver Sunbrella Marine - 4862
    • Silica Stone Sunbrella Marine - 4861
    • Silver Sunbrella Marine - 4651
    • Sky Blue Sunbrella Marine - 4624
    • Slate Sunbrella Marine - 4684
    • Smoke Sunbrella Marine - 4615
    • Storm Sunbrella Marine - 4636
    • Sunflower Yellow Sunbrella Marine - 4602
    • Taupe Sunbrella Marine - 4648
    • Terra Cotta Sunbrella Marine - 4622
    • Toast Sunbrella Marine - 4628
    • Tresco Linen Sunbrella Marine - 4695
    • True Brown Sunbrella Marine - 4621
    • Tuscan Sunbrella Marine - 4677
    • Walnut Brown Tweed Sunbrella Marine - 4618
    • White Sunbrella Marine - 4634

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    The Canopi Duplici 6' Square Double Tier Umbrella by Woodard is a high-quality and stylish outdoor accessory. Created by renowned designer Site Li, this umbrella is crafted from the finest materials available, ensuring durability and reliability. The umbrella features a lightweight design with a proprietary aluminum hub and carbon fiber ribs, making it easy to setup and take down. The Sunbrella Marine Fabric used in this umbrella is UV-rated, providing excellent protection against sun damage. With its elegant double-tier design, the Canopi Duplici collection adds a touch of sophistication to any outdoor space. The umbrella features a manual push-up lift system, and its canopy can be secured with a pin for added stability. This umbrella also offers optional accessories such as Canopi bases and a battery-controlled rib light system. The stander 1.5" pole size ensures compatibility with most outdoor furniture sets. Enhance your outdoor experience with the Canopi Duplici 6' Square Double Tier Umbrella by Woodard.

    • Brand: Woodard
    • SKU: 6WDTPU
    • Collection: Canopi - A designer umbrella created by Site Li and crafted from the finest materials available.
    • Pole Size: Standard 1.5" Pole
    • Frame Colors: Available in Bright Aluminum pole and hub with grey ribs or Black aluminum pole with matte black hub & joint and black ribs.

    Benefit 1: Durability and Reliability

    The Canopi Duplici 6' Square Double Tier Umbrella is built to last, with its high-quality construction. Crafted from the finest materials available, this umbrella ensures durability and reliability, making it perfect for outdoor use. The sturdy aluminum hub and carbon fiber ribs provide strength and stability, allowing the umbrella to withstand various weather conditions without compromising its structure or functionality.

    Benefit 2: UV Protection

    The Sunbrella Marine Fabric used in the Canopi Duplici umbrella is UV-rated, offering excellent protection against harmful sun rays. This fabric is designed to block a significant amount of UV radiation, helping to mitigate the risk of sunburns and sun-related skin damage. So whether you're enjoying time by the pool or entertaining guests in your outdoor patio, you can stay protected from the sun while still enjoying the outdoors.

    Benefit 3: Easy Setup and Take Down

    The Canopi Duplici 6' Square Double Tier Umbrella features a lightweight design that makes it effortless to set up and take down. The proprietary aluminum hub and carbon fiber ribs contribute to its weight reduction, allowing for easy transportation and handling. Whether you're planning an outdoor event or simply want to enjoy some shade, this umbrella's hassle-free setup ensures that you can quickly and easily get it ready for use, saving you time and effort.

    Benefit 4: Elegant Design

    The Canopi Duplici collection stands out with its elegant double-tier design. The added tier not only enhances the aesthetics but also provides extra shade and ventilation on particularly sunny days. This sophisticated design adds a touch of class and elegance to any outdoor space, whether it's a lush garden or a modern rooftop terrace. With its sleek and eye-catching appearance, the Canopi Duplici umbrella elevates the overall look of the surrounding environment.

    Benefit 5: Compatibility with Outdoor Furniture Sets

    The Canopi Duplici umbrella features a standard 1.5" pole size, ensuring compatibility with most outdoor furniture sets. Whether you have an existing outdoor dining set or lounge area, this umbrella will fit seamlessly into your setup. You can easily attach it to your patio table or use it as a standalone shade solution. Its universal design allows for versatility and seamless integration with other outdoor furnishings.

    Benefit 6: Optional Accessories

    Apart from its impressive features, the Canopi Duplici umbrella offers optional accessories to further enhance your outdoor experience. The Canopi bases provide added stability and come in various styles to suit different aesthetic preferences. Additionally, this umbrella offers a battery-controlled rib light system, which allows you to create a warm and inviting ambiance during nighttime gatherings. The availability of these optional accessories gives you the flexibility to customize your outdoor space to your liking.

    n/a"L x n/a"W x n/a"H40 lbs.
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