Lloyd Flanders Loom Wicker

Patented in 1917 by Marhsall B. Lloyd and perfected over the decades by Lloyd Flanders’ manufacturing experts, Lloyd Loom fiber is one of the most revered and enduring types of wicker available on the outdoor furniture market. Each piece of handmade Lloyd Flanders all-weather wicker furniture utilizes the Lloyd Loom process, which balances old-fashioned artisanal know-how with of-the-moment technology. Lloyd Loom wicker is created in several steps which ultimately lead to an exceptionally smooth weave that is adverse to cracking, peeling and other types of ordinary wear.

First, a role of cellulose fiber is wound into solid cord and spun into spools, which are then fed into the wicker fabric and reinforced with aluminum wire for extra strength. After the fabric is woven and sealed to prevent water damage, it is then meticulously cut and fitted to frames constructed from high-quality aluminum. Next, Lloyd Flanders craftsmen carefully trim the wicker fabric and add braiding details by hand. In the final step, a double coating of Durium is painted and heated onto the furniture. Eco-friendly and engineered to last, Durium is a tough yet supple finish that maintains its color and gloss unusually well against the elements. Currently, Durium is available in 21 finish colors, including Standard and Premium options.

Lloyd Loom is currently offered in a number of weaves that help define and enhance the styles of different collections. Below, you can explore Lloyd Flanders furniture collections by weave pattern.

Weave Patterns and Collections

Traditional 2 x 2 Wicker Weave
Traditional 2 x 2 Wicker Weave Pattern
Mini Random Wicker Weave
Mini Random Wicker Weave Pattern
1 x 1 Wicker Weave
1 x 1 Wicker Weave Pattern
3 x 3 Wicker Weave
3 x 3 Wicker Weave Pattern
5 x 5 Wicker Weave
5 x 5 Wicker Weave Pattern
10 x 10 Wicker Weave
10 x 10 Wicker Weave Pattern

Lloyd Flanders Loom Wicker Colors

Almond - 017
Antique Khaki - 043
Antique White - 071
Ash - 012
Bark - 008
Charcoal - 022
Chicory - 019
Chocolate - 070
Denim Blue - 040
Ebony - 013
Hickory - 080
Ivory - 046
Linen - 002
Mink - 075
Pewter - 079
Platinum - 014
Sage - 018
Sea Glass - 028
White - 001
Woodland - 025