Lloyd Flanders Antique Teak Table

Though well known for having a masterful approach to outdoor wicker furniture, enduring manufacturer Lloyd Flanders also excels at utilizing natural teak timber to create luxury patio pieces. Their Antiqued Teak Table Collection is crafted from genuine lumber, then given a finish that, over time, helps the products achieve a gorgeous aged look and rich, silvery color. Lloyd Flanders premium teak tables are FSC-certified Brazilian teak wood that is sustainably-grown and harvested. The teak tables are great for outdoor environments of all temperature ranges that gain strength and patina over the years.

Antiqued Teak furniture is easier to care for and more resilient than you may have imagined, and relatively little upkeep will go a long way. Below, you’ll find a few simple tips that will lead to years of outdoor enjoyment.

Lloyd Flanders Teak Coffee Table
Lloyd Flanders Teak Round Table

Hand Wash Your Furniture

Periodic cleaning should be done by hand rather than with power washers, which can damage the surface of teak furniture. Simply begin with a fresh water rinse, then scrub your furniture while it is still wet, using a soft brush and a mixture of light detergent and warm water. Finish by once again rinsing in order to wash away any remaining residue.

Teak Cleaners

Teak cleaners are sold at most hardware/home improvement stores. While detergent/water solutions are generally all you need to maintain Antiqued Teak, it’s worth noting that any store-bought teak cleaners can be used with your furniture. Cleaners should have specific instructions on their labels; be sure to follow all steps for best results.

Year-Round Relaxation

It may come as a surprise, but Antiqued Teak is very durable compared to other types of wood and can be left outdoors through all seasons. The furniture is not susceptible to damage from extreme heat or freezing temperatures. If you prefer to leave your furniture in storage part of the year, go with a dry, unheated space.

Lloyd Flanders Teak Dining Table
Lloyd Flanders Teak Dining Table Side View
Lloyd Flanders Teak Table Top
Lloyd Flanders Round Teak Side Table
Lloyd Flanders Round Teak Conversation Table
Lloyd Flanders Teak Table Edge Detail