As both an innovator and leader in the wicker patio furniture industry, Lloyd Flanders has steadily built upon its past since the turn of the 20th century; both promoting new state of the art manufacturing processes while remaining true to the company's rich American heritage. Founded by Marshall B. Lloyd and originally known as the Lloyd Manufacturing Company, the company planted its roots in Menominee, Michigan and remains there still over 100 years later; going from manufacturing wire doormats and reed baby carriages to the beautiful outdoor wicker furniture collections available today. It was Marshall's innovation and spirited American work ethic that led to the company's industry leading evolution, when in 1917 he patented a unique and timeless process for weaving and constructing fine wicker furniture that promised long lasting durability to be enjoyed by generations to come.

Today, while Lloyd Flanders has expanded a great deal to included both wicker and non-wicker patio furniture options, over half of the company's line is still developed in Michigan and holds true to the methods and manufacturing processes established by Lloyd in the early days of the company's birth. These Made in the USA collections feature the patented Lloyd Loom process of weaving cellulose strands, supported by aluminum wire, into wicker fabric which then in turn is upholstered onto sturdy aluminum frames for enhanced stability and structure. From there the wicker is finished with Durium; a strong finish that prevents cracking, fraying, and peeling and will not fade in color over time. This unique finishing process is also available in a wide variety of both standard and premium color options, something consumers cannot get from imported wicker furniture, and in addition to these custom wicker colors Lloyd Flanders also manufactures all their cushions in the United States with their exclusive Premium Cloud Cushioning Seating System.

Offering both traditional and modern design wicker furniture, Lloyd Flanders's original Lloyd Loom furniture continues to be a staple of the company and as the desire to buy American continues to grow, so does the company intend on expanding this unique product line even further. Today, Lloyd Flanders's all-weather furniture maintains its leadership with collection after collection that truly lives up to their motto; "Woven for Life".

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