Fourth of July Patio Furniture Sale
Telescope Casual Patio Accessories
Telescope Casual Patio Storage Box - 3S00
Price: $1,967.40
Availability: Custom Order
Item #: 3S00 -

New in 2015 patio accessory that helps keep outdoor clutter to a minimum Great for storing pillows on the patio lounge or for towels and water toys when used as part of the poolside area Features Telescope's eco-friendly Marine Grade Polymer (MGP) both on sides and top of storage box Sides are solid while the top features classic slat design Storage box also features high quality aluminum framing for enhanced support and outdoor durability Includes sliding front panel doors (x2) Custom order...

Telescope Casual 20.5 Inch x 27.5 Inch Trash/Towel Receptacle - 3T00
Price: $1,287.00
Availability: Custom Order
Item #: 3T00 -

Designed to function as a trash can or towel receptacle, this Telescope Casual outdoor accessory has a sleek, clean style that blends seamlessly into residential and commercial environments alike. Plus, the trash/towel receptacle's aluminum and Marine Grade Polymer (MGP) construction allows it to withstand all types of weather. MGP, a completely water-resistant material, is an especially great choice for poolside and beachfront settings. New Telescope Casual offering for 2017 30 gallon plastic...

Telescope Casual Patio Storage Box Shelf - 3S10
Price: $345.60
Availability: Custom Order
Item #: 3S10 -

This handy shelf was designed to offer additional storage space for Telescope Casual's Patio Storage Box. The outdoor accessory can be ordered in a standard finish color to match the color of your storage box. New for 2016 from Telescope Casual Designed for use manufacturer's Patio Storage Box (3S00) Custom order frame color: Choose from a variety of standard finish color options

Telescope Casual Table Top Support for Pedestal Bases - TW00SUP
Price: $147.60
Availability: Custom Order
Item #: TW00SUP -

This convenient outdoor accessory was designed to supply Telescope Casual's pedestal table bases with additional support. The support piece can be used with any of the manufacturer's pedestal bases and is available in a variety of finish colors, making it easy to match the accessory to your base. New for 2016 from Telescope Casual Designed for use with pedestal table bases Custom order option: Choose a color to match your base

Telescope Casual Universal Sling Chaise Canopy - CAN0
Price: $90.00
Availability: Custom Order
Item #: CAN0 -

This chaise can be easily attached to nearly all of Telescope Casual's outdoor chaise lounges. Perfect for all-day poolside relaxation, the canopy promotes deep relaxation and provides UV protection. Plus, custom color order options are available, so coordinating this accessory with your chaise will be a breeze. Ships with two canopies per order New for 2016 from Telescope Casual Outdoor accessory supplies chaise lounges with shade source Can be used with Telescope Casual's chaises...

Telescope Casual 10 lbs. Weighted Add-On Bar - 10LBWGT
Price: $67.50
Availability: Custom Order
Item #: 10LBWGT -

Protect your outdoor seating with this weighted add-on bar, which was designed to help keep furniture on the ground in windy conditions. The bar can be used with Telescope Casual's chaise lounges, outdoor dining chairs, outdoor lounge chairs and outdoor stools. Plus, the accessory is available with custom size and color options, so it can be ordered to perfectly match your seating. Created for use with a wide variety of Telescope Casual seating Custom order option: Available in a variety of...

Telescope Casual Spreader Bar Tool - SPRDBR201
Price: $60.30
Availability: Custom Order
Item #: SPRDBR201 -

This convenient tool was designed to make replacing outdoor sling fabric exceptionally easy. The easy-use outdoor accessory can be utilized with any of Telescope Casual's sling furniture. New for 2016 from Telescope Casual Designed for use with Telescope Casual sling seating Available exclusively in Powdercoat White finish

Telescope Casual Tall Leg Plugs for ADA-Compliance - ADA0
Price: $19.80
Availability: Custom Order
Item #: ADA0 -

Easy to install and ADA-compliant, these accessory leg plugs were designed for use with Telescope Casual's outdoor Marine Grade Polymer and aluminum slat tables. Sold as set of four legs Designed for quick installation Available in the manufacturer's standard finish colors